Providing humane, scientifically sound behavior solutions since 2009
Providing humane, scientifically sound behavior solutions since 2009

Private Dog Training

NFDO offers a comprehensive and professional approach to private dog training. Our sessions feature the flexibility to teach and learn in the comfort of your dog’s home environment or to take the classroom on the road and work in a wide range of public locations.

Private sessions or behavior evaluations are 90 minutes in length and cost $150.  Individual sessions are perfect for that “good dog” who just needs to brush up an issue or two, and have been developed to address a variety of common issues:

  •  Loose Leash Walking

  •  Excessive Barking

  •  Digging

  •  Housetraining

  •  Jumping

  •  Recall (come when called)

  •  Nutrition

  •  Canine Learning Theory

  •  Success for the Newly Adopted Dog

Behavior evaluations are required for dogs with behavioral issues.  The price of the evaluation will be credited toward the purchase of a training package if work begins within 30 days of the evaluation. The most common packages are 5 sessions for $600 or 10 sessions for $1100, but more customized solutions to meet your needs are easily accomodated.

Unused sessions can be refunded within one year of purchase.  Training packages can address basic and advanced obedience, puppy socialization, and have also helped many clients experience relief with more complicated behavioral issues such as:

  •  Fear and Anxiety

  •  Phobias and Compulsive Behaviors

  •  Resource Guarding

  •  Multi-Dog Households

  •  Dogs and Children

  •  Separation Distress

  •  Dog/Dog and Dog/Human Reactivity

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