The NFDO Guarantee

It is unethical for any trainer to offer guarantees on behavioral change.  As a member of the APDT and certificant of the CCPDT, Not For Dogs Only has willingly pledged not to offer such guarantees.

What we can and will guarantee:


  •  You will receive dedicated, unparalleled customer service
  •  We will work together to develop a customized, safe and scientifically based approach to your training goals
  •  NFDO will demonstrate exceptional commitment to professionalism, community service and continuing education


Not For Dogs Only has helped many families realize measurable results with common behavioral issues including:

  •  Barking
  •  Jumping
  •  Resource Guarding
  •  Fear and anxiety
  •  Separation distress
  •  Dog/dog and dog/human reactivity



We can help you work toward your goals and experience the enjoyment of a well-behaved dog!

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